Sunday, January 2, 2011

All that not gold!

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Giant Christmas ornaments do too!
Today B and I were able to enjoy a super lazy Sunday, the most fantastic way to end our Christmas vacation.  One last day of sleeping in, followed by watching the Patriots kick some major Dolphin booty (38-7!), and then it was home to get my craft on.  It's the small things that make life worth living!

100+ ornaments, piles of glitter, and more hot glue gun sticks than I can count later...and we have the birthday present sister #1 requested finished and ready!

I started with this:

That's right...100 Christmas Tree ornaments that I scored on sale at CVS for only $4.99, horray for after Christmas sales!  Each ornament needed to have the top popped off and put back on with my trusty little hot glue gun.  Here I am hard at work!

2 episodes of the Real Housewives, several blisters, and (thankfully!) zero burns later...
Only slightly crazy after hours of hot gluing...

That's a lot of ornaments!

After reattaching all the tops, and letting them dry, I grabbed a wire hanger I had lying around the house.  I formed the hanger into a rough circle shape and then untwisted the top.  One by one I started putting bulbs onto the hanger.  Once it was full I retwisted together the top, glued the blue smaller bulbs and a couple other fillers in place and tada!  And now for the final reveal!

Came out looking a little more patriotic than I had hoped for, but hopefully sister #1 will like it.  I made a couple of these last year, and she has been asking for one for her apartment even since then.  Too bad her birthday falls just outside of the holiday least she will have decorations for next year!  Now to find the motivation to finish just one more wreath and get it to B's mom before it's too late...maybe I'll save that one for next year.  But now is the time to get the supplies!  After holiday sales are the best time for shopping.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday, back to the daily grind tomorrow.  Ho hum.

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