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Easy Embroidery Project

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While looking for inspirations in the world wide blog world, I cam across this gem.  I loved Tammy and Annie's take, and it looked easy enough, so I decided to give it my own Valentine theme spin.  Check it out!
My finished product, little bit of Valentine's love!
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it really was so very simple!  All you need for supplies are an Embroidery hoop, scissors, cloth, needle and thread, and buttons.
All the necessary materials
I started with small squares of fabric, and a flower pot to use as a circle reference.  Just remember that your flower will be about half the size of the circle you cut out.
The top of the flower pot was the perfect size for my circle, so I used it as reference
I put the pot on top of the cloth and traced around it.
Traced around the pot
This left me with a pencil circle. So I knew what to cut out.
Circle ready to be cut out
Here is my circle of fabric:
Fabric circle
Next I used a thicker thread, and tied a knot at the end.  I began by folding a 1/4 inch hem and starting to sew.
Sew a quarter inch hem
I continued to sew around the circle, trying to keep the hem fairly even.
Continue sewing
Here is my complete circle.
Complete circle
Now, pull gently on the end of your thread, the edges will start to bunch towards the center.
Pull on the end of the thread, the edges will begin to bunch
Continue to pull the thread until the whole edge is bunched up.  Do not pull so hard that the thread breaks.
Edges all bunch to the middle
Now, tied off the ends and cut the thread.
Tie off and cut the thread
Now I picked a corresponding button, that was big enough to cover the hole in the middle, and I attached it with needle and thread.
Sew on a button of your choice
 I completed these steps 3 times, so that I had three different flowers, all in different fabrics.

I then took my large piece of fabric (I actually used felt) and put it inside of the embroidery hoop.  I trimmed off the biggest amount of excess felt, but left a good edge around the sides.
Put fabric inside of your hoop
Now I laid out my flowers where I thought they would look the best.
Decide on placement of flowers
And then pinned them down so that they would stay in place.
Pin down flowers so that they stay in place
Next I attached the flowers with needle and thread, starting behind the felt and sewing up through the underneath of the flower.  I tried to only go through the first layer so that you couldn't see the thread on the front.
What the back of the hoop looks like
Front of the hoop with the flowers sewn on
Next, I took the fabric out of the hook and laid it flat on the table.  With a pencil I wrote out the word that I wanted to embroider underneath the flowers.  Sticking with the Valentine theme I chose to write Love.
Use a pencil to write out your letters for reference
Next I put the fabric back into the hoop, chose a red thread and used a simple cross stitch to trace over the letters.
Simple cross stick over the letters
The final step was to trim off the extra fabric around the edges and hang it on the wall!
Trim the edges and hang it on the wall!
I'm pretty happy with the  way it came out.  The letters could be neater, but I like how it looks like handwriting rather than perfectly formulated letters.

All in all this project was pretty simple and I didn't spend a dime.  I had all of the materials already at my house, score!

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