Friday, January 7, 2011

Falling into Friday

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Happy Friday Everyone.  All I can say is it's never felt so good to see the end of the work many days until February Vacation?  I do love my public school schedule...

Not much to report today, but check back for a big project reveal tomorrow.  All I can say is that it involved lots and lots of these...
We've accumulated a good dusting of snow so far tonight, but I'm really hoping it doesn't amount to too much more.  Seems we always get the storms on the weekends!  B and I went out for lunch after work today, and both ended up ordering pizza, then I came home to find out dinner was also pizza.  Too much doughy cheese goodness for one day!  I'm certainly glad I didn't make a diet one of my resolutions this year...

Wish my man and his wrestlers good luck at their meet tomorrow.  Goodnight blogosphere.
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