Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Bug

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If there's anything I hate more than shoveling's shoveling snow that also includes an hour's worth of rain...I did a pitiful job on the tiniest part of our driveway this afternoon, but man, that slush got the best of me.  I got probably the hardest upper arm work out since dislocating my shoulder in September...and I'm the cool kid in bed with a heating pad right now.  My poor back...

Onto more fun and exciting things, the Valentine Bug has finally bitten me.  I decided to start a couple Valentine-esque crafts this week.  Today's was super cheap because I had almost all of the materials hanging around the house!  Check out what I threw together:

All you need are styrofoam balls, hot glue gun, yarn, decorative ribbon, and a glass container.  The only things I had to purchase were two bag of styrofoam balls.  I went for one bag of 6 medium size, and one bag of 12 smaller size.  Overall, with my coupon, I only spent a few dollars.  Win!  Here's what I did.

First I went scouting through my yarn collection and came up with a couple different colors that reminded me of Valentines Day.  I came up with white, pink, maroon, purple, and turquoise.  The turquoise was more of just an added color pop, but I like how they all look together.

Step 1:  Add a small dot of glue to the styrofoam ball, and attach the end of your yarn.
Styrofoam ball, this is the medium size
Attach the end of your yarn to a small dot of glue
Step 2:  Begin to wrap your yarn around the foam ball.
Start wrapping the yarn around the ball
Step 3: Continue to wrap the yarn.  You can make yours nice and neat, but I chose to go for a messier look.
Continue wrapping until you can no longer see the foam underneath
Step 4: I just continued to wrap until you could no longer see any of the styrofoam underneath.  At this point I cut off the yarn and added another dot of glue to attach the end.  You want to make sure that the end is secure and will not unravel.

Step 5:  Find a glass, or plastic see-through, container.  I chose a Hurricane jar that I had lying around.  Here is what all my different colored yarn balls looked like:

At this point the project is complete.  I felt like my container needed a little something extra, so I went in search of some ribbon.  I decided to give it a little sparkle.
Sparkly ribbon
 But I still felt like it was missing something!  For a final touch I decided to add a little stripe of extra pink.
Extra splash of color with the ribbon
I'm pretty happy with the end result.  I think it gives the corner a nice little pop of color, and the Valentine's/Spring color theme is getting me ready for the upcoming holiday!

Stay tuned for more Valentine themed projects this week!

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