Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's the little things

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Today there are just a few small changes.  Sticking with my New Years Resolution of "less clutter" I decided to clean up the blog a little bit.  I have been really pleased to have the opportunity to show case some of my projects on other people's link parties.  While I would love to shout out to all the ladies I link up with, it was cluttering up the ends of my posts.  So, I decided to create a page dedicated to these link parties, check out the "linky parties" tab at the top of my blog!

I am so grateful to all these ladies who host these wonderful parties and give us all a forum for sharing our ideas and hard work.  So thank you to all of you!  The best way for me to find quick inspiration is by perusing all the other projects that linked up, and I would like to think that maybe someone can find some inspiration in the projects I share as well.

Another quick change I did today was to create my own button.  While I don't have many followers that need my button to share (maybe someday**) I was really just proud that I was able to follow simple HTML code and create something myself.  If you're looking to create your own button, I found a really easy to follow tutorial here.  Check it out!

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!  I know I am.  Today has been all about cleaning and organizing, and I'm just counting down the hours until I get to see B.  It's been almost a full week, and I'm starting to resent his busy schedule!  But I'm staying positive, and will surely enjoy our time together tonight.
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