Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Topiaries

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Hi All!  With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I have a couple more Valentine related crafts up my sleeve.  And I can't wait to share them with you!  First up is a cheezy yet cute Valentine Topiary.

All the materials I used were terra cotta flower pots, paint, paintbrush, pencil, scissors, two unsharpened pencils, yarn, glue gun, two empty ribbon rolls, two Valentine Pillows, and heart fillers.  You can substitute materials, or leave out others, totally up to you!

The first thing I did was paint my pots, I decided to paint the actual pot white, and paint the saucer underneath pink.
Paint the pots white
I used a patio paint that is specifically for ceramic and other outdoor type materials, this was perfect for the terra cotta pots.
I used patio paint, which was perfect for the terra cotta pots
Make sure that you paint inside the rim, at least a few inches, just to make sure that no unfinished pot shows through in the end.
Paint just inside the edge
Next I printed each word I wanted to use, in a special font on the computer.  I chose Love and Hugs.  Once I had printed it, I cut out the word, and used transfer paper and a pencil to trace the word onto my pot.  Here is how it looks with the word love.
I used transfer paper to trace my letters onto the pot
Then I used my pink paint, and a very thin paint brush and filled in the letters. 
Itty bitty paintbrush and pink paint
Make sure to let the paint dry before doing another layer, I used about 3 layers of pink paint.
 I used the same technique for my pot that says Hugs.
 Then I took my unsharpened pencil, and glued the yarn onto the end.  I then wrapped the yarn around the whole pencil and glued the other end to the eraser.
I wrapped an unsharpened pencil in yarn
Now it was time to assemble.  Here are all of my supplies laid out.
All my supplies
The first thing I did was to lay my pot on the saucer, and make a pencil mark through the hole, to mark the center.
Make a mark with your pencil through the hole so that you can find the center
Now I took the pot off, and made a dot of glue with the glue gun over my pencil mark.  Stick the yarn covered pencil in this dot of glue.  If necessary you might also need to do a layer of glue around the pencil to make sure it is secure.
Stick the pencil onto the saucer with hot glue
Hold the pencil in place for a few seconds while the glue solidifies.  Here are what mine look like.
Slide the pot over the pencil so that it rests in the saucer.
Slide on the pots
Next I slid the empty yarn holder over the pencil and inside of the pot.  This just takes up more room so that you have to fill less space inside the pot.
I used an empty ribbon spool as a space filler
Now I took my pillow (thank you dollar bin at Target!) and cut a small hole in the bottom.
Cut a hole in the bottom of the pillow
I then slid the pillows onto the top of the pencil.
Slide the pillow onto the pencil
Then I grabbed the purple hearts I was going to use to fill to pot. (again, thank you dollar bin at Target!!)
I used purple hearts from Target as a space filler
Now I filled in the pots.  One box of filler was enough for both of the pots.
Here is my finished product and a couple of close ups.  Cute huh?

 I love how they turned out, even with my incredibly unstable painting hand!

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