Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday #6

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{one} scruffy or clean shaven?
                                                               clean shaven, or trimmed facial hair

{two} what’s your favorite sundae topping?
anything chocolate....or peanut butter...or both, bring on the peanut butter cups!

{three} do you own slippers?
indeed.  Perfect for winter weather!

{four} did you ever have a tree house?
never. boo.

{five} how you do relieve stress?
working on a project, distracting myself, working out

{six} what’s your favorite dr. seuss book?
Oh the thinks you can think.

{seven} have you ever taken dance classes?
from elementary through high school!  Ballet and jazz

{eight} which do you use more: the thesaurus or the dictionary?
the thesaurus

{nine} what’s your favorite form of exercise?
hiking, swimming

{ten} what’s the longest you’ve ever waited in line?
does waiting 50 minutes for a table at a restaurant count? oy vey
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