Monday, April 25, 2011

The count down begins!

What a crazy week! We official have 20 days until moving day...where is the magical fairy that comes and packs all my stuff?  There just aren't enough hours in the day!

The big thing B and I accomplished this week was finally settling on, and purchasing a couch!  We looks at all kinds of couches, furniture shopping is quite the process.  Unfortunately you all will have to wait the 3 weeks until it is set up for pictures.  Currently it's sitting in the garage...covered in plastic.  Managing to get it home, in one piece, in the rain, was quite the...adventure.

Easter was really nice this year.  B's parents are in Aruba (jealous!!) celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, which meant for the first time in a long time we didn't have to celebrate a holiday in 2 places.  Fortunately our families live relatively close, but driving back and forth for 2 thanksgiving dinners...2 christmas celebrations, etc. gets difficult.   Easter was nice and relaxing, just my immediate family (minus my sister who is tackling finals at college).  My mom cooked a lovely meal as always...and I swear my dad (always the photographer) was actually there...despite what the picture indicates :)
The bathroom is coming right along...despite the lack of time I have to work on it.  Here's a quick sneak peek at the one wall I've actually had time to paint.  The first one is without the flash, and the second one is with a flash, I'm loving the subtle robins egg look:
 More to come, hopefully by this week!

And clearly, since I'm the master at procrastinating (aka...doing anything other than packing) here's a quick tutorial on the small project I've been working on.

I started with a trip to the dollar store.  I bought 2 sets of votive holders and 4 candle sticks:
Because the dollar store loves their stickers oh so much, this quickly became my best friend:
After everything was cleaned up and dried, I busted out the Krazy Glue.  This stuff works wonders, but always makes me nervous.  I'm afraid I'll drip some on my finger and get seriously glued together!  But I do like how the little bottles have a handy dandy pin to stick in the end when you're finished, best way to prevent clogs!
 I followed the directions on the bottle, added small glue dots to the top of the candle stick, and centered the votive holder on top.
 Then I added a heavy book/magazines on top to add a little extra weight and prevent things from sliding around:
 I followed the glue directions on how long to let it dry...and then sat back and enjoyed the finished product!
I'm excited to add small candles or other decorations...but that will certainly be waiting until after the move!

Now it's off to shower, finish some grad work, and then perhaps pack a box or two.  Let's be real...I'm off to shower, finish some grad work, and then go to sleep.  Packing will be put off for yet another day!

If anyone finds that magical packing fairy, sent her my way!

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