Sunday, April 10, 2011

Primed and Ready!

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I'm so excited to finally be able to show you guys what the bathroom is looking like!  It's ridiculous what a difference a couple coats of primer make!

This has been a wonderful weekend, B and I put a deposit down on the apartment we fell in love with.  Both our credit was great, so we have the unofficial word we've been approved, just waiting for the official word.  If all goes according to plan, we move May 15th!  It's a 2 family house, and we will be living on the top floor.

May 15th is actually my baby sister's (so not a baby anymore!) college graduation day, so we'll be away, but we're excited none the less!  I finish up my final graduate class on May 10th, so the next 5 weeks are going to be ridiculously busy!  I apologize ahead of time if I'm not around and updating regularly, I'm sure you all will understand!

Back to what I've been working away at!  After all the work we put into patching, sanding, and prepping the walls, it was finallllly time for some primer.  Hallelujah!

Here is another peek at the walls all patched and ready to go:
 First I gave the Frog Tape I've heard such good reviews about a go.
I taped off the baseboards, ceiling, window frames, around the sink, and around the toilet paper holder.  Basically anything I didn't want paint getting on.  The baseboards and ceiling will be getting their own coat of primer, but I didn't want it end up being splotchy or drippy, so they were taped off.
I grabbed my primer, and an angled brush.  I used the brush to cut in the edges, near the ceiling, window, baseboards, around the sink, and anywhere a roller wouldn't be able to fit.
 Here is how things started to come together after cutting in all the edges:
 I grabbed a small roller for the rest of the wall.  This is easier than hand painting the walls, since they were pretty open and flat:
 Here is how things started to look after the first coat of primer:
While I was waiting for the first coat to dry, I wanted to keep my left over paint and brush ready to go, so I covered everything with a layer of cling wrap.  This helps prevent your brush and paint from drying out:
I decided that 3 coats of primer was about what I needed to even everything out and make sure all the pink was properly covered up.  You can barely even see the patch I used to fix the crack above the sink!  Love it!
 In this picture if you look at the back wall by the toilet (with only 2 coats of paint) you can see the difference between 2 and 3 coats of paint, and why that extra coat was necessary.
Here is what the walls are looking like today:
 Remember to peel the painters tape off before the final coat is dry, this will help prevent paint from peeling off along with the tape.  We love the crisp clean lines!  And just because I'm proud of all the hard is a trip down memory lane:
Isn't it crazy what a difference a little spackle and primer can make??  What a process, but I'm loving it!  I can't wait to tackle the woodwork, ceiling, and floor.  It's starting to really come together!!

Hope you all have nice weather where you are.  It's finally flip flop weather...time to break out the nail polish!

Happy Sunday!

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