Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower Pomander

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Hi Everyone!  I decided to record a quick video tutorial so that I could link up with Mandy @ Sugar Bee Craft Edition's VBlog link party!  Head on over and check out the videos!  I love her idea of getting to see what some of the bloggers look like "live", we usually only get to see static pictures on blogs!

If you remember from my Stuff I like Sunday #5 post, yesterday, I featured the cute Pomander Balls Courtney made.  They were super easy to do, so I made a couple in spring colors...bring on the nice weather!  If you are unable to watch the video below, I decided to also do a text/picture tutorial, so just keep scrolling down!

Hopefully you can see the video, check out the horrendously ugly wallpaper I so frequently mention!

All the supplies you need:  Craft paper, Flower hole punch, styrofoam ball, push pins.  That's it!  How simple!

Step 1: Punch out a bunch of flowers!
Step 2:  With some of your flowers, fold up the petals, this will help give it some texture in the end.  I recommend doing this ahead of time with a bunch of flowers, that way you don't have to keep stopping.
Step 3: Grab your styrofoam ball, hold a flat flower down in place:
Step 4:  Take one of the flowers with the folded petals, layer this on top of the flat flower:
Step 5:  Stick in the push pin to secure in place:
Step 6:  Continue adding flowers on in the same fashion.  Try not to leave too big of a gap, you don't want styrofoam showing through!
 Step 7:  Continue to cover the entire ball.  I left about a 2 inch gap on the bottom so that my ball would not roll around.  Feel free to cover the whole styrofoam ball if you want to add the Pomanders to a vase or dish.
 Step 8:  Sit back and admire your handy work!  Love how cute they are!

Try a couple different sizes, I think they would be adorable!  If you want to check out the tutorial for the painted shelf I created, that they are sitting on top of, click here!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stuff I like Sunday #5

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Welcome back for this weeks edition of Stuff I like Sunday!  As always, if you were featured, please feel free to grab a button:
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Now on to the goodies!

#1:  I'm loving the Eco-Friendly Bath Mat I found over at Fine Craft Guild!
Click on the Photo to see her Tutorial
This looks pretty simple, and many of us have old towels lying around the house.  I think this is a great addition to the shower area!  So cute, eco-friendly, and functional!

#2:  I can't even stand how cute these Pomander Flower Balls are!  Courtney from Pizzazzeri created them:
Click on the photo to see her Tutorial
In fact, I thought they were so cute, I've already made a few of my own!  You might have seen one on top of the Painted Shelf I just revealed yesterday.  I'll post my own tutorial later this week!

#3:  I love the home-made and St. Patrick's Day ready Hurricanes that Chelsea from Two Twenty One created:
Click on the photo to see her tutorial
The inexpensive supplies are definitely up my ally.  Love what a creative mind can come up with!

#4:  Next up, I'm head over heals for the Tile Trivet Sunny at Life in Rehab came up with:
Click on the photo to see her tutorial
Very similar to the Tile Table Top I created a few months ago, so I know I can handle it.  What an adorable addition to the dinner the tiles she chose too!

#5:  Last up today is the cute Scrap Note Organization Karen came up with over at Sew Many Ways:
Click on the photo to see her tutorial
Certainly helps to de-clutter her desk, and I think we can all use a little of that!  She has a great tutorial on how to use the right tools to get the job done!

Well, that's it for today!  Thanks again for all the lovely inspiration that exists out there!  Be sure to hop over and check out my mini-freebie thank you giveaway!

Until next time, stay crafty!

Plastic Drawer Mini-facelift

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Like many of you (I'm sure) I had a set of these cheap plastic storage bins:
Clearly it has become a place for junk...I can't believe I even just shared that picture with you guys.  Ick.

Anyways, I do love how great it is for storing away nick-nacks and other miscellaneous stuff.  But, the clear plastic drawers left too much for the wandering eye to see, and were less than appealing.  I decided to see what I could do to spruce it up a bit.

I grabbed my supplies - scrapbook paper, ruler, pencil, and x-acto knife:
Rather than having everything match, I decided to use a different, but corresponding, pattern of paper for each of the 4 drawers.

First thing I did was measure the inside of the drawer, and cut a piece of paper:
I then cut a slit in the paper, with my x-acto knife, where the handle is:
Next I grabbed my bottle of Mod Podge and a sponge brush:
I then coated the inside of the drawer, from the handle down, with Mod Podge, and laid on my paper.  I did my best to smooth out as many of the air bubbles as possible, but some remained.  It's ok, not going for perfection here!
 I then lifted up the flap above the handle, spread on some more Mod Podge, and then smoothed out the paper:
 I then coated the entire sheet of paper with generous layer of Mod Podge.  Let it dry, and repeat.  I did 2-3 coats of Mod Podge on the back of the paper:
As you can see, bubbles and wrinkles happen.  It's not the end of the world, and you will probably drive yourself crazy if you try to get rid of them all.

Here are a couple pictures of how it turned out:
 I still think it looks like cheap plastic drawers...but it's an improvement from the clear see-through!  Now I can hide all that junk, and no one will know any different! hehehehe...

Happy weekend everyone!  Be sure to stop by and check out my mini-freebie thank you giveaway!

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Thank YOU! and a Giveaway! Now Closed

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Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to take a minute and thank each and everyone of you for stopping by my little spot in the blogosphere.  I hit 100 followers today, and it makes me incredibly overwhelmed, surprised, grateful, and excited for what's to come!

A special shoutout goes to Mimi over at Mimi Loves All Eight for being my 100th follower!  Go visit her blog, share some love!

In order to celebrate all of YOU and the GOOD that you have brought me in the last two months, I have decided to host a mini freebie.  It's not much, just a token of my appreciation to all of you for helping my blog to grow.  How does a $15 Amazon gift card sound?  It will come via email, so make sure to leave your email address with each entry!

The Freebie:  $15 Amazon Gift Card (via email)
To Enter:  Must be a Follower/Subscriber of Simply Living.  Leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower.  (Don't forget to include your email address!)
Bonus Entry:  Tell me why you started blogging, and how long you have been doing it.  (Don't forget to include your email address!)
Giveaway Closes:  Sunday March 6th, 12:00pm EST
Number of Winners: 1, chosen randomly

Thank you again, to each and every one of you!  Looking forward to what the next few weeks bring!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shelf Reveal!

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Everyone ready for the big reveal?  I teased you all yesterday when I showed how to make a quatrefoil stencil, and now I'm ready to show you how I used it!

First up it was time to sand the shelves.  I used a power sander, cause there were too many shelves for me to tackle it by hand.  But if you don't have a power hand sander, a good old block and piece of sand paper would be just fine:
 Once everything was sanded, I wiped them down with a wet towel, to get rid of all the saw dust, and let them thoroughly dry:
 Once everything was completely dry, I used 2 coats of primer, whatever I had lying around the house was good enough!
 After I let the primer completely dry overnight (follow the back of the can for drying times) I proceeded with two coats of paint.  Again, I was lucky enough to have white paint on hand at home, and didn't need to purchase anything.  Love that!
 I again let this dry over night to make sure it was good and ready.  Now it's time to stencil!  (Refer to my post from yesterday about how to create a stencil).  Because I wanted my darker paint to be the lines, I decided to trace with a pencil.  If you are using your contrasting paint to fill in the middle, go ahead and paint right over the stencil.

I laid down my stencil, and then used a couple pieces of painters tape to make sure it was securely in place:
 I then used a pencil and traced all of the lines.  I would then peel off the tape, and move my stencil up or to the side, and continue tracing, until the whole board was traced:

Once everything was traced, I used my free paint sample from Valspar, to paint inside the lines:
Once everything was dry, I went over it again with a second coat of paint.

The next thing I did is completely optional, but I thought it gave my shelves a nice pop.  While perusing my local craft store one day (Michael's for anyone curious) I found some cute shelf liner for only $3.  Seemed like a good deal to me!
The liner has a convenient grid on the back, so it is easy to cut straight lines, and make the right size.  Make sure to measure your shelf before cutting!  This is super sticky, so watch out!  I cut the size I needed, peeled off the back, and stuck it onto my shelf.  I then used an exacto knife to trim the edges off:
 I then used a wet paper towel to smooth down the liner, and my rubber roller to help ease out any air bubbles:
 Make sure you trim your liner so that it is not covering the seam, this will be important when you are putting your shelf together:
The final step was to use the cute roller Valspar sent with the sample, to paint the top of my shelf, and cover the edges.  I liked this look better than just the plain white, but it's totally up to you!
Once everything was good and dry, it was time to start assembly.  I have a lovely blister on the inside of my finger from the screw driver.  Ahhh the price of beauty!
 I again chose to use the circle stickers that came with the shelf to cover up the screws.  Once I painted over them you could barely even see them.
Here she is all put together.  The baskets are empty for now...but not for long!
 What do you think?  I'm loving how it all came together!  Time consuming, yes, but so worth it!  The best part is, I only used about 1/3 of the paint sample, so there is plenty left for the second shelf.  I do have a matching shelf...but I've only gotten as far as priming, so it will be a while before she is up and running.

Break down of the cost:
     Bookcase:  $20
     Sanding materials:  $0, already had
     Primer:  $0, already had
     Paint:  $0, already had
     Contrasting Paint:  Free!  Sample from Valspar
     Stencil:  $0, made myself
     Shelf Liner:  $3

So for $23 I went from this:
Not exact model
To this!
Improvement, no?  Thanks for stopping by!

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