Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy night

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God bless the inventor of the bread maker. It's a home made bread, soup, and mad dash to finish progress notes kind of night. First parent teacher conferences/open house tomorrow. *squee!*

Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jump on the health train

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So today I tried out a new smoothie I found while pinning away on Pinterest.  SO DELICIOUS!

The original recipe was referred to as the "Green Monster".  It is packed full of good healthy things, but tastes like a delicious treat!

All you need:
1 banana
1 cup OJ
Handful of baby spinach
Handful of frozen pineapple
Handful of frozen peaches

Pop it all in the blender....and give it a spin.
It came out beautiful and green, mine still had some spinach chunks, but you could hardly even taste it.  Primarily it tasted like banana and pineapple.  You could play around with how much of each ingredient you add based on what your taste preferences are, but mine tasted absolutely delicious!  This is definitely a keeper, and came in at a mere 86 calories!  Double bonus!
For dinner we stuck to the health train and gave a new spin to the classic BLT a try.  The idea also came from a pinterest find, but I gave it my own spin.

Here is what I used:
Everything bagel thin, toasted
Smidge of mayo
Turkey bacon
Fried Egg, salted
Put it all together, and voila!  Messy to eat, but yummy!!

Brian gobbled it up too, which was a plus.  Look at all the fresh, healthy, and delicious food I snuck into his dinner ;-)  I think this would work well as a breakfast sandwich as well.  I'm definitely adding it to my repeat list.

So there you have it, today's healthy ventures.  And I was able to come in under my calorie goal, while boosting many of my necessary nutrients.  Good Day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cucumber Melon Smoothie

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So Brian and I are starting a new healthy kick/low calorie diet. He's trying to loose some weight for a race he's competing in this spring, and I figured I'd jump on board. Counting calories has definitely opened up my eyes to what I'm putting into my body, I've been surprised by a number of things! That being said, I'm much less concerned about making my calorie goal and loosing weight, and more concerned with balancing my diet and making sure that I get all the right percentages of necessary nutrients. Once I started tracking my calories I was surprised that I never, or rarely ever, met my goals for Potassium, Vitamin A and C, Calcium, or Iron.

The first thing I did was to add a Daily Women's 1 a Day Multivitamin. This is something I should have been doing all along anyways, but that really helped to boost my Calcium, Iron, and Vitamin levels. Along with that I've been trying to add fresh produce and healthier choices. We've been really good about cooking dinner at home and only occasionally eating out at restaurants or ordering take out. We've also been picking up lower calorie "snacks" (like the 100 calorie packs) at the grocery store, or snacking on things like raisins, rice cakes, celery, etc instead of potato chips or cookies.

I've been cruising around looking for some smoothie recipes the last few days. I went through a pretty big smoothie kick this summer, which was a great way to get lots of good fruits and veggies into my diet, so I decided to give it a go again. Today I tried a cucumber melon smoothie. It was pretty good, but I'm not 100% if I would make it again. I would like to try another cucumber based smoothie though.

Regardless, it was pretty easy to make, and was tasty, just not in large quantities. Serves about 4, 2 if you want a large glass.

All you need is:
1/2 honeydew melon, chopped
1 large cucumber, peeled and cut
1/2 cup water
1 cup ice, crushed
4 tablespoons honey

Stick in the blender, give it a whirl, and you're ready to go!
 It made a pretty green, and is packed full of potassium and Vitamin C, as well as other good stuff :)

Any other healthy smoothie recipes to share?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank you!!

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 have to give a huge THANK YOU shout out to all of my amazing readers!! I hit 100,000 page views today and it absolutely blows my mind! You guys rock! Thank you ever so much for finding my little spot in the blogosphere and coming back for more! That was all the encouragement u needed to start regular posts again!

Much love!

Simply Living


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Hey All, long time no blog!

The last few months have just been a little too jam packed for me to be keeping up with the blog regularly.  But I'm hoping to get on here every so often and start posting again.  I unfortunately don't have the same kind of time to be tootling around like I used to, but I'll be checking in on all of you as I can.

So if there was every a question of or problem with lack of inspiration, Pinterest has renewed any and all of my crafty brain synapses.  I've got the bug again!  If you don't already have a Pinterest account I recommend you go out and request on ASAP, you'll thank me later, believe me!

So while scanning Pinterest the other day, I found a really great recipe for home made playdough.  As a new Kindergarten Teacher, it's hard to constantly be running out and buying classroom supplies.  The kiddos adore playdough, but since our last bucket never got covered properly...all we had left was hard crusty play dough chunks.  So when I saw this idea, I thought it was great!

All you need is:
2 Tbsp oil
1 cup water
Food coloring
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp. Cream of Tartar

How simple?!  I had all of that at home, minus the food coloring.  So I decided to get a little creative.

The first dough that I made, instead of adding food coloring to the water, I added some Raspberry/Pink lemonade powder mix to the flour.  I ended up with a really pretty, yummy smelling, pink:
When I was kneading out the dough, I added a generous amount of white glitter:
It's hard to see the glitter in the end result picture, but the girls are going to go wild at school tomorrow!
 I made one extra batch, added some vanilla extract to make it smell nice, and then added green and red glitter.  The color isn't the best, since brown vanilla made it a little muddy looking, but it smells good!
I loved this recipe!  It took less than 10 minutes total for me to make both batches, it's nice and soft, cost me nothing since I already had all the ingredients at home, and I know that the kids will go just wild at school tomorrow!

I'd love to try this as a cooking lesson at school, but I can't bring the kids to the kitchen, so I would have to do the stove part another time.  But it's definitely a recipe I've bookmarked and will be using again.  Anything that saves a teacher money is well worth the at home effort!

Do any of you have good tricks for Kindergarteners?

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