Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 1 Challenge Complete!

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I'm embarrassed to say that I came in closer to the bottom than the top of our weight loss/fitness challenge.  I'm calling week 1 a wash, definitely need to step up my game this week!  Exercise is worth double points this week...and I barely got in any exercise last week, so that is my goal for sure!

Today I worked out with our new 6 point fitness program on the Play Station Move.  I was sweating for sure!  It definitely got my blood pumping, and my arms are already sore :)

A quick update on the Mason Jar Salads I posted about last week.  AMAZING.  They came out so good!  Putting the dressing on the bottom and leaves on the top is really key.  The mason jars kept everything sealed and fresh, they held up and lasted throughout the week.  None of the lettuce or spinach was wilted or bad, but if they were sitting in dressing it could have been a disaster.  My favorite was the clementine, strawberry, spinach and walnut salad with the honey balsamic dressing.  Plus it includes 2 fruit services and a veggie serving, which worked out in my favor!

Here is a quick snapshot of the food I packed for work tomorrow!

1/2 a sliced green pepper, strawberries, tortilla with peanut butter, banana, Chobani Greek Yogurt, and water with lime.  It's about as healthy as I get.  Drinking the water and staying away from the sweets is still hard for me!

Hope everyone is doing well out there.  Stay healthy!
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