Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 3 - Cabbage Soup Diet

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Ugh.  Today was not so fun!  Probably 4 hours of restless sleep, a migraine, an unexpected early call into work, and lack of energy...set me up for failure!

I still started off strong this morning, somehow, but by lunch time I was hurting!  The migraine sapped what little energy I had left, and I was feeling pretty light headed.  I ended up cheating with a small bowl of Ziti at lunch time with the kids.  It was pretty crazy how just that little bit of solid food improved how I was feeling, rather quickly.  Maybe I just needed some carbs, maybe it's all in my head...whatever the case, I was able to finish out the rest of the day cheat free!

Salad for lunch again, today also included fruits so I was able to snack on apple slices, strawberries and grapes.  I'm trying to get down the 8 glasses of water, but I usually come up a little short.  I had the soup for dinner, still tastes ok, but definitely not something I look forward to at this point.  The soup does seem to make me pretty thirsty.

Tomorrow is soup, bananas, and skim milk.  Guess we will see how it goes.  I think the bananas will fill me up, but I'm really looking forward to having something solid in my stomach to absorb some of the fluids!  We will see how the milk goes, I'm not really a milk drinker, and when I do drink milk, it's usually 2%.

Down about 3.8 lbs since Monday morning.  Just about half way there...I'm already dreaming about the meat days...

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