Monday, August 24, 2015

Attack of the Fruit Flies!

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When we left for vacation I mistakenly left a vase full of, what used to be, fresh flowers.  After a week unattended they were not looking so hot when we returned.  And a huge following of fruit flies had gathered to feed!  Now our kitchen is swarming with the pesky little flies and I just can't get rid of them fast enough!
So far, the two best things that have worked are Apple Cider vinegar and Red Wine vinegar.  I covered the bowls with plastic wrap and poked holes in them like usual, but they were not interested. I did a little more research and learned that you can keep them uncovered, but add a few drops of dish detergent.  This prevents the flies from being able to swim back up to the surface.  I have caught a bunch, but it isn't working fast enough!
Apple Cider Vinegar seems to be attracting the most flies! 
Red Wine Vinegar works ok too
Do you have any tips or tricks on what works?  They are bugging (literally!) the heck out of me!
So we finished our shopping on Sunday, and started our first night of meal planning.  Up first were the Juicy Lucy's, one of my all time favorites.
We like to add in Onion Soup mix to our hamburger meat, with just a little bit of water.  Then I make 4 patties, and put the cheese in the middle, and then squish the two patties together.

The end result is a perfectly cooked burger with gooey cheese coming out of the middle.  So delicious!  I made a side of oven baked potatoes and corn to go with it.
Then I cut up all my veggies for this weeks lunch.  It saves me so much time in the morning to just dump pre cut veggies onto some salad and grab my to-go lunch.
Veggies ready to be added to lunch salad
What are your best practices for helping busy mornings go smoothly?

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