Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Apple Nachos - Delicious Fall Treat!

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This fall I have seen so many people post these delicious looking fall snacks, I wish I had time to make them all!  We didn't have time to make it apple picking this year, but I snagged some at the grocery store and decided to give Apple Nachos a whirl.  Essentially they are disassembled caramel apples, you can't go wrong!
I started by slicing up 6 apples, and then I soaked them in ice cold water with a splash of lemon juice.  This will prevent the apples from browning once they are sliced, it's a great trick if you are planning ahead want to pre-slice them for a snack later.  If you don't have lemon juice you can even soak them in a lemon lime soda for the same effect, small splash of sprite will do the trick!
Sliced apples soaking in iced Lemon Water
 While these soaked I melted about 20 marshmallows with 4 tbsps of butter...

Marshmallows and butter melting
Unwrapped and microwaved 20 caramel's with a teaspoon of water...

Caramels waiting to be unwrapped

Melted caramels and a smidge of water, just pop in the microwave!

While I waited for these to melt I arranged the sliced apples on a plate

Arranged apple slices

And then drizzled them with marshmallow and caramel.  We decided to add mini-M&M's, but really you could use any topping you like.  Think of all the delicious caramel apple toppings out there!

Drizzle, add toppings, and enjoy!

The end result was really tasty.  Still kind of messy since the marshmallow and caramel dripped off, but not as messy as trying to bite into a loaded apple.  They were a hit at the party, and I would highly recommend them!

What fall treats do you like to make?

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